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With the introduction of the SBX IP 320, ISC continues to find the technology to deliver better communications, while helping you spend less. Not only does the SBX IP 320 deliver the goods with technology, but ISC has created special package pricing to help you afford that technology. Contact us to discover how you can take advantage of special priced packages today.

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Below is a brief outline the features of the SBX IP 320.

Work smarter. Work faster.

More than a phone system, the SBX IP 320™ can improve operations, intra-company communications, and processes. It’s not rocket science, really. When you communicate more intelligently, you impact your bottom line.

  • One-touch call recording for more accurate customer orders, compliance initiatives, and training
  • Roaming campus mobility with the Nomad IP™ wireless telephone
  • Nomad SP™ soft phone capability lets mobile workers use a PC as a full-featured company phone
  • Hot desking allows a digital phone to be a shared resource
  • EzPhone™ desktop call manager lets users power dial, manage conference calls, and simply double-click to call a contact
  • Detailed reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications
Enjoy the benefits of VoIP

With the SBX IP 320,™ you get support for traditional endpoints, IP endpoints, and trunking in a single system. Which means you can deploy VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace. Plus, the system can accommodate up to 32 users and multiple sites, so you enjoy pay-as-you-grow scalability.

Leverage your investment by delivering voice and data over a single IP circuit. Or deploy telecommuter options without the expense of moving to an all-VoIP system.

All of which is ideal for a growing business, because who knows where tomorrow will take you.

Get up and running fast—and

The SBX IP 320™ integrates easily with existing networks, supporting a variety of phone types including digital, analog, IP phones, soft phones, and Wi-Fi phones for mobile users. Our pre-configured database templates make installation a breeze.

Add users or change settings simply by using PC software. It’s a flexible system that can be administered through digital phone, modem or LAN—even via remote connection.

It’s easy to use, too. You empower employees to use its range of phone features thanks to an easy navigation pad and LCD feature menus. Ultimately, the SBX IP 320 lets you focus on running your business, not your telecom system.

Use the telecommunications system already

The SBX IP 320™ was developed in partnership with LG-Nortel, a world leader in telecommunications. With thousands of systems sold worldwide, this communications system has a proven track record. Now it’s able to deliver enterprise class capabilities at a price small businesses can afford. The SBX IP 320 is a solution you can rely on call after call—day after day.

Improve customer service through enterprise-class

The SBX IP 320™ lets you respond quickly to customers, vendors and partners, giving your organization the flexibility it needs to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your business enjoys the same level of communications applications typically reserved for large enterprises. It’s ideal for small companies—or small companies that want to be big.

  • Integrated voice mail/auto attendant for professional greetings during business or after hours
  • Mobile extensions and linked stations
  • Uniform call distribution, including call center functionality, agent wrap up, and supervisor functions
  • CTI with Microsoft® Outlook® address book integration
  • Multi-party conferencing for up to nine conference rooms
  • Multiple tenant groups allow you to partition groups by department
  • VoIP (SIP) trunking reduces expenses and provides flexibility


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The SBX IP 320. A

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