Smart People:
It takes the smarts of people to maximize the smarts of a communications' network. In fact, our trained personnel are smart enough to not only listen to your needs, they listen between the lines,  and only then present a plan. Let our experience and know-how strategize the best plan for your needs.
Smart Technology:
Easy-to-use technology that's flexible enough to grow with you. You'll have a system which will empower you to maintain it as you see fit, and that will fit you as your needs change. The navigation and user interface of the administration is intuitive and will keep you and your staff doing your jobs efficiently.
One other "smart" way of using technology is the use of VoIP. Using VoSKY's integration with Skype will take your communications to a higher level, for much less. Click here to know more.
Flexible Solutions:
When you hire ISC to design a system, we don't just design a system that fits your current needs, we plan a system that will fit you and grow with you. Let's face it, when you're ready to grow, the last question you should have to ask yourself is "will our phone system work?" When you have an ISC designed and installed system you can be assured that you can grow and expand the system however you please.
When you need a system that will make you more efficient and will offer you the flexibility to grow, give us a call.
Mobile Solutions:
Using the latest technologies to offer complete and seamless mobility, ISC goes beyond the call.  One case-in-point is allowing the simultaneous ringing of your office phone with virtually any other phone(s).  With such flexibility you will never miss a call, and your customers will need only one number to reach you.  Don't confuse this with call forwarding. We're talking complete seamless mobile communications. So seamless your caller will never be wise to the fact that you're answering your phone on the 14th fairway, or the 14th floor of the hotel in which you're staying.

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