Skype VoSKY Integration

Some of the benefits you'll realize with a Skype VoSKY Integration are:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Added security (using Skype alone will open you up to security risks.)



Solution 1

Integrating a company’s Website to its phone system to enable FREE communications with customers and partners.

With VoSKY Exchange, a business can also equip its website with a "Click-to-Call" function that enables customers and partners to simply click a button to place a free Skype call to the sales, customer service, or technical department. This tool:

  • Enables seamless integration of a company's website and phone system
  • Provides instant real-time phone connectivity between a company and its customers and/or partners from the business' website to help drive sales
  • Reduces toll-free (1-8XX) costs for inbound sales and customer support by enabling free Skype calls from the user's computer
  • Enables businesses to tap into Skype's 220 million user base

Solution 2

Multi Site Networking: Companies with offices in different cities and even different countries can completely eliminate long-distance charges between locations by installing a VoSKY Exchange gateway at each site. Connecting offices in this way creates a virtual multi-site PBX that:

  • Replaces costly point-to-point leased lines with Skype-to-Skype trunks to enable free calling between office locations
  • Creates a common office phone system with features like extension dialing and seamless call transfer
  • Requires no public IP addresses or complex router/firewall configurations
  • Installs easily and is configurable for use in any country
  • Supports any PBX or KTS system, even if different offices have different systems, because of VoSKY Exchange's PBX-agnostic design
  • Scales to support any number of offices or phones because of a Skype-enabled hub-and-spoke architecture(the point-to-point connectivity of other VoIP gateways limit the size of a business' VoIP network)


Solution 3

A VoIP remote access solution that enables road warriors to connect to their office PBX to communicate with co-workers while they are traveling or working remotely.

VoSKY Exchange futher reduces telecommunications costs by enabling employees who are traveling, work from home, or are located in satellite offices not connected via Exchange to remotely access the corporate PBX over Skype. This feature:

  • Allows remote users to speak to colleagues in company offices for free via a Skype softphone on their laptop or desktop by simply clicking the office's Skype ID and entering the appropriate office extension (the Skype softphone is a free download that can be installed in five minutes)
  • Eliminates problems connecting VoIP calls from hotels and other remote locations by leveraging Skype's seamless firewall and network address translation gateway capabilities to provide 100% connectivity
  • Enables remote users to make Skype calls to customers and others from a mobile phone by dialing the regular office number and then calling a user on Skype, or an international number via SkypeOut (the PBX must support Direct Inward System Access/DISA for this function)

Solution 4

Ultra cost-effective VoIP trunking solution that leverages low cost SkypeOUT to reduce Long Distance and International calls on any TDM/IP phone system.

With VoSKY Exchange connected to the company PBX, employees can make low-cost SkypeOut calls to any traditional long-distance or international landline or mobile number from their office desk phone for a fraction of the cost of any other VoIP trunking solution. This capability:

  • Saves 90% on domestic long-distance calls over other VoIP trunking solutions by taking advantage of Skype Unlimited and Skype Pro calling plans, offering unlimited free calling for a small annual fee in North America and Europe
  • Saves more than 50% on international calls compared to non-Skype VoIP trunking with SkypeOut rates of under 2 cents per minute to most countries
  • Eliminates the contracts and upfront setup charges of other VoIP trunking solutions

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The use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can bring you tremendous cost and productivity advantages no matter the size of your organization. If you have employees who work from home or from remote or regional offices, you can significantly reduce your phone costs with an ISC designed pure IP system. And when we integrate your system with SKYPE your savings and productivity will really soar with out sacrificing your security.

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