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Voice Mail. E Mail. Fax

Voice Mail, email and Fax Mail in one package. With Seamail, message handling just became easier and more cost effective. Seamail can help your company increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction by consolidating voicemail, email and faxes into a single inbox. Newly designed, this SIP-based, robust, messaging application provides a full range of functionality via a phone or computer.

Access to your voice, email and fax messages from anywhere is easy with Seamail. With features that can be accessed from any phone or computer. Since the Seamail interface is SIP (single ethernet connection) it does not require special cards to link callers to the voicemail system. Seamail provides the most affordable and flexible unified solution available.

As your needs change, the system changes with you. Seamail can be managed from any computer via its browser based interface, empowering administrators the ability to efficiently handle the demands of a dynamic business environment. Seamail will make expanding your total system or adding and changing users easier than ever.

Some other features and benefits:

Single unified inbox - Access and manage voice and email from your favorite email inbox.
SIP based integration - Greatly reduced hardware requirements and universal installation potentially resulting in lower costs and increased flexibility.
Browser based mailbox manager - Modify and manage the system and personal settings from any computer with internet hookup.
Viometrics - Authenticates user's voice for easy login and enhanced security.
Text to speech for email - Reads emails to the user when accessing the system from a phone.
Voice recognition - Allows the user to listen and respond to email using voice commands.
Integration with outlook and POP3 email applications with real-time IMAP sync between users' email and voicemail boxes.
In One Seamless Package.


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